Ms. Stephanie Taylor, White House Correspondent, Temple University Alumna!
"DJ Stephanie Shops in the Suburbs for Books and Clothes.
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Intelligent Luxury is a stir of current events, travel, business, entertainment, and fashion.  Readers want business news, entrepreneurial encouragement, business profiles, politics, books, decor, architecture, people profiles, light science, environmental conversations, research, and tech talk with emphasis on continuing higher education told in satirical way.  

Intelligent Luxury readers attend lectures, go on at least two vacations a year abroad or in the U.S., and attend professional sporting events, concerts, local plays, art shows, eat at new restaurants with paper menus, and attend business conventions.  Special lectures and soirees will be available for sponsorship and participation.

I am studying people's societies in each nation.  Sociology.  I want write about a person's culture.   A culture is a societies practices that is about art and activities.  Art is paintings, sculptures, drawings, criminology , music, fashion, and creating inanimate collages. Practices in society: birth to funerals, skills, events, weddings, education, love dating, sports, theology, film, literature, home decor, architecture, and life's daily tasks. Stephanie earned a scholarship from the AKA sorority. 

Stephanie served as the News Editor for Engagement 101 and host of Engagement 101 TV. Stephanie also hosted and produced episodes of Engagement 101 TV. VStephanie's luxury!

Stephanie is a White House Correspondent.

Stephanie is the host of her own show on the internet titled Intelligent Luxury!  She graduated from a major university. Temple University is her alma mater.

Stephanie is a single woman who only dates men.  The information on this website is for entertainment only. Consult a professional before using the advice on this website. Stephanie was a writer for CBS Radio's radio station websites She loves libraries - she worked in a library.

She loves luxury camping because she was a Girl Scout.

Her desire to ride every roller coaster in the world is possible.  She moderated a panel for the River Town Film Society.

Everything may be an advertisement or posted to gain advertisements. Some images are associated with an e-commerce website to purchase the product described in the editorial.  Intelligent Luxury doesn't manage the e-commerce websites; yet, Intelligent Luxury earns commission from some links. Intelligent Luxury uses Google to monitor our website and collect ip addresses.

Stephanie hangs out over the Hudson River in New Jersey! Stephanie is writing a book and articles about river-therapy or Sight-Therapy looking at rivers! ST. 

Engagement 101 TV episodes hosted & associate produced by Stephanie.

Hosts: Severine Ferrari and Stephanie. 

Engagement 101 TV  Season 1 Episode 1

produced by Severine Ferrari and Stephanie.

Intelligent Luxury TV hosted, produced and written by Stephanie Taylor.

Intelligent Luxury TV Sample Episodes


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