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Intelligent Luxury Culinary, Literary, and Sociology Soirée: A Delightful Trade Show

Stephanie, Temple University alumna loves Sociology! Her trade show is about the nations on these continents: Africa Antarctica Asia Australia Europe North America South America Several trade shows in one trade show. Learn with Stephanie about human sociology in each nation.  Continent, Country, or Nation, City 13 Topics per Nation Culinary Food Beverages Recipes Pots & Pans Utensils Literary Fiction - Books Non - Fiction - Books Poetry Magazines and Periodicals Journalism Business Business Customs in ... Events Customs Birthday Parties, Weddings, College Graduation, and Funerals Sociology       Anthropology       Dating - Romantic Love, Marriage        Peoples Norms and Mores       People's Names Cultural Meanings        College Theology  Political Science Laws - Structure  Urban, Suburban, and Rural Development Studies       Transportation Modes Sports & Athletics Art Music - Instruments, Musicians, Singers, and Rapp

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